Talim Defeated Game Over Ryona リョナ 3 Soul Calibur II HD

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Talim and her kind nature move her to stop her beloved friend from chasing danger. With her Blades Of Purity, she stalls him long enough to make him reconsider his path, but she falls in the duel since her blades heal her foes rather than deal damage. While she is knocked out, she recalls all of the fights that she has endured to get to meet up with her friend.

At the beginning of her journey, she is forced to fight her friend’s own flesh and blood to see who is more suiting to the role of Guardian. One Talim proves her resolve she has since been sniffed, robbed, consumed, and violated; her spirit ascends two times before being resurrected by Angelic Guardians. From there, she faces other two close friends who bear semblance to her relationship with her own friend. After Maxi has his fun smacking her hard in the face with Nunchucks, she is allowed into the gates where her friend soon arrives moments later.


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