Mira Feasts On Orchid Blood Ryona リョナ Killer Instinct

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Mira thirsts for bodily fluids after waking up parched from her slumber. She has not feasted for years, so she can hardly wait to sink her fangs into the nape of a fresh victim. Her vampiric instincts urges her to head to the urban outpost where the aroma of immortal blood rouses her to take flight.

Orchid is stationed there, and her skin emits a distinct scent that is irresistible to otherworldly beings. Mira is especially drawn to her and wastes no time in equipping her Chest Grappler in preparation for a duel. Orchid does not display fear since her gifted scent lures her foes to her and readies for battle herself. Both have stakes to claim if victorious. Orchid will vanquish Mira if she is the victor, but if Mira wins, she will slowly gorge on the succulent fluids of Orchid until she runs completely dry.

The battle commences, and Orchid boldly proclaims how she will quickly end the fight. However, her brief moment of cockiness got the better of her as Mira launches a preemptive strike at the busty cleavage of Orchid. She is not foolish enough to extend the duel into the late phase since she only has so much mana in reserve after not feasting for over 1,000 days. The weapon sinks deep into her the vital organs on her upper body, and Mira delivers a decisive bite to effectively incapacitate Orchid, her most recent prey. Her saliva mixes with Orchid’s own fluids and courses down to her lower body. With her extremities limp, Mira takes pleasure in sampling the first drops before forcefully transferring the thick liquid of her host into her own body. Initially, Orchid is spared from pain since the saliva numbs her senses. When the effects wear off, she experiences extreme agony as she feels the full brunt of Mira’s powerful bites. She lets out her final moans of pleasure before succumbing to the pain and faints on the ground. Mira, now satisfied and full for the decades to come, allows Orchid to live since it would have been a shame to eliminate such a delicious source of nourishment. Mira grins at the sight of her fallen victim before disappearing into the night.


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