Mercy Screaming 【13 Languages】 Overwatch

真Saikan 日本
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Mercy wanders into the Crusader’s castle in search of the ancient Guardian Stone Heart that is rumored to grant the user infinite stamina. After peering through chambers forbidden to outsiders, she discovers the relic laying dormant right in the breastplate of the vacated suit of armor. Overcome with joy, she reaches towards it with her slender arms and feels the rejuvenating life essence coursing through her womanly body. She gently carcasses the relic then places it close to her heart for a more intimate experience. As she indulges in the gratifying pleasure of essence absorption, the nearby Crusader awakens and seizes her by the nape while she is still mesmerized by the relic. From there, she is dragged across the courtyard until her feet are secured firmly in place at the Guardian Stone Steps. Amidst all this, her mind is in a trace as she fantasizes the thought of being forcefully pinned between two solid, crushing entities.

While she relishes in her inner fantasies, the Crusader ramps up the Guardian propeller and accelerates into her vulnerable figure at maximum velocity. While she is rammed, she lets out her contained screams of happiness as she feels the cold metal pressing hard on her chest while her hair drifts freely in the wind. She becomes more riled up with the unknown since she is completely unaware when her exposed wings will impact with a solid object. Alas, contact what the Guardian Gate is inevitable; her back is slammed into the aged wood and effectively incapacitates her body. Under normal circumstances, she would have been crushed into an unsightly composition, but the relic continuously rejuvenates her with life energy and instantly repairs all of her ruptured innards. This essentially makes her body invulnerable to all attacks no matter how brutal they are by nature. Her sparkling, sapphire eyes roll to the back of her head in satisfaction while her mouth opens wide from the pleasurable sensation. Right after the instance of the impact, she faints from the excitement and lays limp in front of the Guardian Gate. In her incapacitated state, the relic can be effortlessly seized back from her possession, but the Crusader insists on punishing even further. Her body is dragged to the steps as the Crusader readies for subsequent runs at her.

As the day goes by, she has revealed her most intimate screams formally reserved for the most special occasions. The Crusader enjoys hearing her screeches immensely while she can not get enough of being pinned. Her ordeal continues until she concludes her 90th scream session which has been the Crusaders’ traditional minimum threshold for punishing wrongdoers.

The madness concludes with her body, all intact and healthy, laying at rest near the relic at the Stone Chamber. She wakes up to a numb sensation below her abdomen and a wide-open door. Her vision clears into the sight of the Crusader waiting to escort her out of the castle like a gentleman. She smiles at such a gallant sight before gracefully parting ways from the Crusader with the Guardian Stone Heart in her hands. Her intuition suggests that she will need to return to the castle soon enough if she is to hold on to the relic.

English 0:01

Spanish (European) 1:43

Spanish (Latin America) 3:17

Italian 4:59

Russian 6:42

Polish 6:57

French 8:37

German 10:12

Portuguese 11:48

Japanese 13:28

Korean 15:11

Traditional Chinese 17:00

Simplified Chinese 18:54


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