Mercy Angelic Screeches 【13 Languages】 Overwatch

真Saikan 日本
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Mercy wishes to build up her resistance against the element of fire; Pharah gladly assists Mercy in her quest to become more resilient to elemental damage. She agrees to withstand the full brunt of Pryo Rockets that conjure Hungry Flames upon exploding. The Flames wreak havoc on her body as it consumes her skin for fuel while boiling her inner bodily fluids. Even with her healing prowess, the Flames are too much for her to withstand, so she unwillingly lets out a sensual screech of agony before succumbing to the pain.

As Mercy lays limp on the ground, the Flames disperse from its victims body upon Pharah’s command so that she can regenerate damaged tissue. After a brief moment, she is fully healed up and ready for another grueling encounter with the Flames.

As unpleasant as the conditioning session is, she must be able to endure and master the four essential elements if she is to even come close to equaling the feats of her Love. Hence, Mercy’s passion burns brighter and hotter for Love than the heat of the Flames, so she is determined to earn her Love’s love even if it means that she has to suffer through the unforgiving, rampant element of fire.

English 0:01

Spanish (European) 0:41

Spanish (Latin America) 1:21

Italian 2:00

Russian 2:40

Polish 2:50

French 3:29

German 4:09

Portuguese 4:49

Japanese 5:28

Korean 6:08

Traditional Chinese 6:47

Simplified Chinese 7:27


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