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The Paladin heroines (Ying, Skye, Cassie, Kinessa, Evie, and Tyra) all meet at the Fish Market Pier for a training session with the grandmaster in the afternoon. The ladies, both hardened and worn from countless battles, are eager to learn new skills under the grandmaster’s wing, but they also desire to relax with each other once the serious business passes. Initially, all of them arrive earlier than planned, so they each take the time to share stories with one another until the time to train comes.

While they are just about ready to take their leave to the marketplace in anticipation of the grandmaster’s absence, their wishful thoughts are washed away when Makoa leaps out of the waters with authority and firmly secures his position right in front of them; they are momentarily in awe of his enormous. After flickering water away from his fin-shaped ears, he immediately demands the least experienced heroine to step up for the first demonstration. With all of them staring at Ying, she hesitantly complies by floating to the edge of the pier in wait for his instructions.

While the rest of the ladies sit out to observe, Ying can hardly contain her excitement of what is to come next. Makoa keenly examines her too while she gracefully moves her hips around through dance. After standing there for minutes, for what seems like hours to Ying, she decides it best to crack a silly joke at Makoa in hopes of softening his stern expression; she giggles at herself for being such a wise-cracker. Makoa, however, is not amused by her playful nature and takes the initiative of hooking her once again. This time, a tingling sensation jolts through her spine as she groans in displeasure of the hook making contact with her innards. Relentlessly, he follows up with subsequent hooks to keep her from escaping though Illusion, and she is rendered helpless at the mercy of the chilling sensation of the hook. She even desperately calls out for help, but the ladies are not willing to interfere since they do not wish to anger Makoa into hooking them as well. Realizing that she cannot escape this dilemma, she accepts her predicament and endures the punishing hooks until the better arrives.

With her body numb from the hooks, she can hardly stay afloat, but even in her weakened state, she still summons her optimistic spirit up to tell yet another joke. She proceeds with reciting an ancient saying but is unable to recall how the rest of it goes. Her moment of forgetfulness angers him even more, for he looks forward to hearing how the saying goes. Hence, he launches out the hook again and yanks at her body with tremendous force. Once she is within his striking proximity, he grips the Anchor Hook with both hands and strikes at her with full fury. The crushing swings are too much for her slender build to handle, so she succumbs to the pain by laying limp on the ground. He continues his assault on her until he is satisfied, and the rest of the ladies are shocked of what they have just witnessed.

Makoa glances at them with eyes of rage; he violently hooks the most curvaceous of the bunch down to the pier, Skye. While his attention is focused on Skye, the elusive Ying signals the other heroines to take their leave while her Illusions take their place. Skye finds no difficulties in leaving his sights since Evasion is her specialty. With perfect timing and execution, Skye vanishes and the Illusion immediately appears right in front of her. She dives into the water without trace and swims away to the safety of the marketplace.

At the Fish Market, they all gather for a well-deserved pardon from the training session. Ying may have taken a hardcore beating from the grandmaster, but her legendary healing abilities allow her to endure even the most brutal forms of punishment. Also, her Insight Mirror reveals that he is known around the area to dominate his trainees before properly teaching them practical techniques. With that vision in their mind, they all agree to simply skip the initial rally in order to enjoy the rest of the day at the lively marketplace. Ying, with her enthusiastic outlook, giggles with them and does not mind being the front lines if it means that her friends are going to be safe in the grand scheme of matters.

The heroines relax at the Sea & Sky Hotel where they enjoy a luxurious stay at lavishing rooms with service that is renowned for its 5-Crystal commendation.

Meanwhile, the grandmaster enjoys his time with the Illusions and lustfully hooks them over and over to hear their inner, hidden moans. Luckily, Illusions do not experience physical pain, and the ladies huddle together in a room fantasizing about their innermost desires in front of the Insight Mirror.

Ying 0:01

Skye 1:15

Cassie 2:22

Kinessa 3:35

Evie 4:41

Tyra 5:57


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