D.Va Screaming 【13 Languages】 Overwatch

真Saikan 日本
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D.Va seeks to prove that she can hold her own ground even without her MEKA. Her gamer hands are powerful enough to strike down any who are foolish enough to underestimate her small stature in close combat. However, her skin underneath the tightly-fitted MEKA suit is vulnerable to even the slightest of blows due to lack of exposure to the elements. Not wanting the rest of her body to lag behind her eyes and hands, she enlists in the brutal Crusader training program to harden up her delicate slender body.

In front of the gates, she giggles at the awe-striking sight of the last crusader and decides to humor him with an explosive surprise. Her MEKA releases brilliant fireworks in celebration of her first day at the training count, but the crusader is not amused by her playful demeanor. Just after she shapes her hands to form the heart, the crusader pins her by the chest while the rocket propels her under-protected back toward the hard wooden Guardian Gates. Once her small figure is squished, sweet saliva gushes out of her mouth as she gags on her own fluids. The immense pain is too much for her pampered self to withstand, so she collapses to the ground all laid out for wondering eyes in the sky to enjoy. Unfortunately for her, the training has only begun, and she must withstand more grueling punishment if she it to emerge out of the castle as an evolved D.Va.

Her screams alternate with each passing moment as the intense charges forces her hidden screeches to reveal themselves.

Korean 0:01

English 1:33

Spanish (European) 2:47

Spanish (Latin America) 4:03

Italian 5:14

Russian 6:29

Polish 7:41

French 8:54

German 10:09

Portuguese 11:23

Japanese 12:33

Traditional Chinese 13:53

Simplified Chinese 14:32


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