Creative Finishers On Asuka Ryona リョナ Senran Kagura Estival Versus

真Saikan 日本
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Asuka is the youthful heroine who seeks to protect others in the name of friendship. She shows her devotion to them by enduring 50 finishers to prove that she is a strong, capable warrior who will go through great lengths to ensure their safety.

Opening Sequence 0:01

Trees 0:20

Sports 0:38

Embarrassing Mishaps 1:03

Wardrobes 2:05

First Break 2:32

Captured 2:35

Late Night Fun 3:03

Amusement Park 3:21

The City 3:58

Spooky 4:31

2nd Break 5:09

Base Camp 5:13

Rural 5:43

Food & Fun 6:10

Gifts 6:50

Modern Mishaps 7:17

Day At The Hot Spring 7:34

Last Stand 7:54

Victory 8:07


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