What kind of video requests are taken?

The practicality of video requests depend on…

  • The availability of the mentioned game.
  • The overall demand of the content.
  • The return on time investment of the producer.

First of all, the game has to be available in the house. Otherwise, money capital is required to invest in a new game. Furthermore, suggestions in the comments are read on a daily basis, so the most demanded content from fans will be released with top priority. Lastly, certain videos take longer to produce than others, so the return on investment (viewership is a great indicator) will have to exceed the projected expectations for a series to continue.


What products are used to record gameplay footage at Saikan.Online?

Bandicam for computer titles & Elgato Game Capture HD for console titles.


Why are Saikan products launched on special dates?

Saikan products arise on special dates such as…









In short, timestamps matter and special dates make a brand more memorable.


Why did Saikan arise?

Saikan revolves around personal belief and inspiration. Magoichi essentially inspired various aspects, most notably the color scheme, of Saikan.


Who maintains the contents of Saikan brand?

Steven Nguyen Pham (^o^)/