Saikan.Online is the place for users to hang out online. This site serves as the all-in-one entertainment hub which features videos, pictures, blog posts, and social aspects alike.  Members are highly encouraged to interact among each other as well as enjoy the content featured at Saikan.Online.


SaikanOnline originated as the YouTube channel established on August 28, 2014. The initial aim was to upload cutscenes and more like content from Koei games. However, the channel was underutilized for over 2 years in favor of the ShinSaikan channel since Saikanオンライン  was more of a secondary brand where experimental videos were posted to gain audience feedback. Since then, the fanbase of ShinSaikan expanded to the point where the audience became so diverse that a single channel was not going to satisfy everyone’s entertainment needs. Luckily, Saikanオンライン was present and laid dormant waiting to be activated. On January 7, 2017, content was spread across many Saikan channels and sites to ensure that each segment of the audience subscribes to their own niche without having to be bothered by unrelated content.